Colorado Springs Home Golf Simulators

Colorado Springs Home Golf Simulators

Home golf simulators are taking the golfing industry by storm due to their advanced, innovative design and technology insights, allowing you to always hit the range no matter the weather! At Virtual Tee Systems, we are experts in custom golf simulator designs, adding both functionality and a prestigious finish to any space whether it be a garage golf simulator or basement golf simulator — our custom design team will have you feeling like Tiger Woods. If you are looking for a way to improve your golf game, look no further than a home golf simulator from Virtual Tee Systems!

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Benefits of a Home Golf Simulator

If you want to play golf well, the best thing you can do is practice! At Virtual Tee Systems we understand how challenging it can be to go to the driving range or visit the golf course regularly, which is why we created our home golf simulators which are the perfect addition to any Colorado Springs home!

Here are some of the top benefits of having your in-home golf simulator:

  • Get more consistent practice, even when it isn't golfing weather outside!

  • Track your progress and stats over time to see where you need to improve

  • Get real-time feedback to help you make adjustments

  • Improve your swing mechanics with the help of launch monitors and other tools

  • Analyze your game in ways that aren't possible on the golf course

  • Play famous courses from around the world right in your own home

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Our Easy Process

When you reach out to Virtual Tee Systems, our highly experienced team of golf enthusiasts will assist you through the entire customization process of your home golf simulator build and installation. Our easy five-step process will have your virtual system set up in no time — ready for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own Colorado Springs home!

  1. First things first — you must decide the perfect location for your home golf simulator system. Many of our customers prefer a garage or basement golf simulator setup, but our team can assist in helping you decide which room has the best space for your game. Next, the framing and drywalling will be installed.

  2. After the drywall and framing are completed, the flooring will be installed. Flush flooring and a hitting mat are key to accurate ball strikes and to protecting your clubs.

  3. Next, our team creates a custom padded enclosure to help sound-proof your new virtual golf room and also provide space for the dual-screen system.

  4. The final installation of the Uneekor QED launch monitor with the TGC2019 Software will give you the most realistic virtual golfing experience possible.

  5. Tee off!

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Improve Your Game From Your Home In Colorado Springs

Home golf simulators are the perfect addition to your Colorado Springs home. From improving your swing to working on your core muscle memory, and even providing your friends and family with an opportunity to develop a passion for golf, Virtual Tee Systems can help you with your golf game dreams. Raise your game to the next level with a home golf simulator system!

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