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* We will be playing by USGA Match Play Rules (Click to View)

* CHAMPIONSHIP default course and settings. Turner Hill Golf Club. White Tee boxes, 12 Stimp, Sunday Pins, 5 ft Gimmies, Normal Fairways & Normal Greens, Calm. Players can choose different settings if both agree to them.

* Handicap Indexes are taken from the VT Tour (Click Here to Find)

* Wheel off of low handicap. Low handicap will play at a zero.

* If match is all square (even) after 18 holes, sudden death will return to hole ten (10) and will continue in order until a winner is determined.

* Winner advances. Loser is out of the tournament.

* Players will play under "Local Game" and coordinate all matches. The winner of the match is required to email the commissioner immediately after the match with the results. Players are allowed to play matches whenever they are available.

* Players must have a discord account and able to display discord on a phone or tablet device at a minimum. This makes playing online much more enjoyable.

Turner Hill Course Handicap.png

How to Play Online With Another Player


1 AdamPorter (Conifer, CO) 69

2 COgolf (Colorado Springs, CO) 71

3 Sean31 (Morrison, CO) 73

4 CLuka (Denver, CO) 73

5 Bagsy (Castle Pines, CO) 73

6 VirtualTee (Colorado Springs, CO) 74

7 mpkelley20 (Boston, MA) 74

8 mgabes77 (Waldwick, NJ) 76

9 Bodacious (Commerce City, CO) 76

10 VisionGolf (Charlotte, NC) 76

11 Nldavis4 (Lakewood, CO) 78

12 Barquentine (Morrison, CO) 78

13 wcengland (Colorado Springs, CO) 81

14 KMccabe (Arvada, CO) 82

15 jcosti2006 (Denver, CO) 82

16 JArenas (Phoenix, AZ) 83

CUT Dstanton44 (Denver, CO) 90

* tie breaker is starting at hole 18 and going backwards hole by hole