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Featured in Colorado Avid Golfer

Leading The Industry

Virtual Tee Systems was born from the desire to create a luxury indoor golf experience at the best price. The industry is everchanging and our knowledge in all facets help our customers focus on premium design while using the best technology.


The Virtual Tee Team

Our team members are at the forefront of Virtual Tee Systems, all contributing their unique skills to the overall success of each golf sim build. Understanding the differences between all options when it comes to golf simulator technology is essential.

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Adam Porter

With over two decades of building, construction, and design experience, Adam leads the business with direct involvement in in every day activities. Adam’s honesty, integrity, and meticulous craftsmanship have ensured his longevity in the industry.

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Mike Boire

Mike has over 20 years in sales, marketing, and advertising along with knowledge of videography. He assists the company in portraying the "Virtual Tee" image along with testing the everchanging launch monitors and software in the industry.

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Nick Davis

Project Manager

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Amber Davis

Office Manager

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Sean Romano

Golf Sim Specialist

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Tony Meyer

Golf Sim Specialist