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Custom Luxury Golf Simulator builder boasting modern design, premium materials, and a prestigious finish.

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  • Virtual Tee Systems was born from the desire to create a luxury indoor golf experience at the best price.
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A Complete Experience

The best forms of business accolades come from the recommendations of satisfied customers. It is through this stream that we have seen our business grow exponentially. Our collaborative approach and meticulous process creates the full experience with Virtual Tee Systems extremely enjoyable.

Our Process

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Industry Leading

Our team at Virtual Tee Systems collectively hold a wealth of knowledge that make us industry leaders in the niche market of luxury golf simulator builders. It is our collaborative approach and transparent process that ensures that our clients are educated on the latest trends in golf simulation.

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Our Locations 

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  • (By Appointment Only)
  • 1830 W Baker Ave, Englewood, CO 80110
  • (720) 660-4504
  • Email | mike@virtualtee.golf
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Colorado Springs

  • (By Appointment Only)
  • 204 Mount View Lane #2, Colorado Springs, CO 80907
  • (719) 352-7688
  • Email | mike@virtualtee.golf

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